McNeil, Gray and Rice Public Relations

Public Relations

“The Publicity Powerhouse”

McNeil, Gray and Rice has earned its reputation as “The Publicity Powerhouse” by achieving an unprecedented track record of publicity for our clients.  We deliver high levels of PR coverage in the most important publications, blogs, portals, websites, social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) and broadcast media that serve as key influencers for our clients’ target markets.

Focused Approach

The McNeil, Gray and Rice staff maintains an unyielding focus on high-technology and industrial business to business public relations.  We recognize that the business-to-business media requires a very different approach from consumer PR media.  With our 20+ years of public relations experience, we know the best methods for communicating to your market.  We’ve developed a comprehensive knowledge of the media and editors that can best deliver your message.  Our uniquely sharp focus is a key part of the PR programs’ broad success.

Goal-Driven Strategies

McNeil, Gray and Rice understands the importance of strategic positioning prior to the implementation of a PR campaign.  Our track record of successful, innovative PR campaigns and our expertise in the public relations arena make us ideally suited for the task of crafting your company’s PR strategy.

We’ll work with you to raise and address important issues that affect your company’s future growth.  We’ll thoroughly examine important topics such as audience make-up, audience perceptions, key product differentiators, the best media opportunities, short and long-term goals, etc.

We will help you to create a strategic foundation that reinforces your corporate mission and philosophy and is an ideal jumping-off point for attaining your immediate and future goals.

Complete Range of Writing and Graphic Services

McNeil, Gray and Rice offers a complete range of writing services.  Our staff is adept at producing work that attracts and holds the attention of your audience, while promoting thought leadership and effectively selling your company, products and services.

With our experience and expertise writing about a broad array of industry topics, our writers are a vital resource for any company.  We stay in tune with industry trends, and know the hot buttons that get articles, blogs, videos, vodcasts, podcasts, and tweets published and remembered.

Graphic and Photography Services

McNeil, Gray and Rice has a long history of creating images that stand out in the media and apart from the competition.  Our art directors, graphic designers and photographers use ingenuity to create memorable images that sell.

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